While at the 2018 KBIS show in Orlando, House Tipster took a few minutes to browse the Hans Krug booth and talk with Tony Battah, president of Hans Krug Fine European Cabinetry. 


Prague, a bustling city filled to the brim with Baroque details, Gothic churches, and symmetrical Renaissance-esque buildings, is a significant source of inspiration for the Fine European Cabinetry company, Hans Krug. Situated in the heart of the Czech Republic, two hours south of Prague, lies the Hans Krug headquarters.

This 300,000-square-foot facility is equipped with the latest in cabinet-making technologies aimed to bring you the best cabinets in the world. We were pleasantly surprised to hear about the Hans Krug story, including the company’s role in outfitting kitchens, bathrooms, and closets around the world — all based on the design team’s passion for European period architecture and their knowledge of the needs and requirements of their US-based customers.

The result is nothing short of fabulous. Using the latest technology in a vertically-integrated production system, Hans Krug manufactures the entire cabinet, “including the laquerings, veneers, and lamination materials,” Tony explained to House Tipster.

They even use their own fitting technology, which is unique in this industry. We’re excited to see what sorts of cabinet and veneer designs they come up with next! Hans Krug is available from 22 dealer partner throughout the US. In addition, they operate three showrooms in New York City, Charlotte, NC. and Boca Raton, FL.