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We put emphasis on the selection of materials. Our incoming large-scale of materials, solid woods and veneers are first-rate certified products. We rarely purchase the material of identical quality from abroad. One of our fundamental priorities is to never purchase poor-quality and unhealthy material, which can contain carcinogens and other health damaging agents.


We manufacture a complete assortment for interiors. Not only kitchens, but also living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, closets, wardrobes, furniture for study rooms, bathrooms, children’s bedrooms, entrance halls and more.

Our parametric production has unlimited possibilities. Thanks to our parametric production we can accept any customer’s request for atypical dimensions which we are able to make exactly to measure, down to the millimetre.


We guarantee that we will never decrease our requirements for high-quality material. All used materials are certified and their quality is under permanent inspection.

These materials are also certified according to the CARB Phase 2 system, which ensures that chipboard furniture boards supplied to us have half as much formaldehyde glue as the standard boards. The advantages of this are 100% harmlessness to health, maximum firmness and resistance, elimination of shelf bending and extremely high firmness of anchoring construction metal fittings.

Thanks to the certified quality, unique features and high quality of inner components (metal fittings, pull-outs, etc.), we significantly prolong the life and the utility value of our furniture. The market is overloaded with products of limited quality and utility value. We can guarantee that our furniture will not last only two, five or 10 years, but our high-quality durable furniture will last a whole lifetime.


Our cabinets are built using SLIM-LINE (PUR-TERMOSET) technology, the industry leading edge banding process which results in water resistant joints, standard for all cabinet interiors.

Our products are made using certified materials that meet or exceed industry standards. Using sealed surfaces and dense, non-porous surfaces makes our products safer.

7 layer lacquer on all sides and edges of lacquered parts create a compact and closed surface which is completely waterproof. The new edge gluing technology with the help of polyurethane-based glues create a watertight connection and thus prevents the entrance of atmospheric humidity and water into the interior of units.

We do our best to keep our production environmentally friendly. We have been awarded certificates for Quality Management Control ISO 9001 and for Environmental Management System ISO 14001. We work to continually improve the quality of our products and services, and therefore we are able to meet the changing requirements and wishes of our customers.


We are one of the best equipped furniture manufacturing companies in Europe. We use cutting-edge technology in the process of lacquering and veneering as well as in other manufacturing processes. At the same time we keep traditional craftsmanship. Our company employs a number of experts who have devoted their lives to precise craftsmanship.


We use the best and highest quality surface treatment for furniture! We apply five layers of acrylic lacquer on both sides of MDF base, including the edges. Those layers are treated by UV radiation. After hardening, another two top layers of polyurethane lacquer are applied in high gloss or matt finishing. This results in a lacquered surface with almost unlimited lifetime, absolute resistance to humidity and high temperatures (up to 500°C). It also has the highest possible level of gloss, which cannot be achieved with any other technology.

For veneer surfaces, we apply four layers of acrylic urethane transparent lacquer in high gloss on both sides of the piece, including the edges. We create a perfect functional and aesthetic protection of the veneer. Water-dilutable lacquers are never used.

We continuously invest into new technologies and increase our manufacturing capacity. We are always one step ahead.

Thanks to our technological advantages and over-proportioned manufacturing capacity, which can manage small-scale production for end customers, as well as large-scale production for developer projects, we are one of the best equipped companies producing furniture in Europe.

The main philosophy of our company is to be independent of subcontractors, to manage all technology and manufacturing processes by ourselves and to keep the long-lasting sustainability of the manufacturing process.

We use a quality portable spectrometer with 3D focus for inspections and measuring of colour appearance of lacquered items, which is able to precisely and correctly measure the colour of items of various size, shape and surface. Thanks to the measured colour tone we can produce furniture in the same colour tone even many years later.


Just imagine a core made from wooden fibres connected with synthetic glue using temperature and pressure. The MDF from which PREMIUM furniture doors are made is of emission class E1LE and has CARB Phase 2 certification. This means it is made from pure wood without using recycled materials. Thanks to MDF and this certification we can guarantee that our products are not harmful to health.

We apply four layers of lacquer on veneer surfaces. We never use water-dilutable lacquers because they do not have the required resistance. Our state-of-the-art technologies for lacquer application and toxic substance incinerator allow us to work only with high-end lacquers based on polyurethane, which can be performed only by top-ranking producers with cutting-edge technology.





  • Only firmly glued bodies from material with a thickness of 18 mm have the required strength, durability and prevent the unwanted deformation of shelves.
  • The covering of all edges, including the back wall, prevent formaldehydes from being released into the environment.
  • LEGRABOX - Cabinetry is fitted with BLUM drawersglides with a bearing capacity of up
  • NARET plastic feet have an increased bearing capacity and enable the convenient stabilization of the lower cabinets. Available in the two sizes 100 mm and 150 mm.
  • Adhesive, based on polyurethane, creates a flexible but at the same time durable bond with tight joints, made up from insoluble film. After compressing it has a high resistance against water as well as against the effect of heat: 284- 302°F, which is two times more than in standard used adhesives.
  • The lower and upper cabinets, shelves and decorative panels use edge banding ABS edge including rear edge. This wholly cast off the board surface and guarantee zero leakage of pollutants into the room. At the same time it increases the usefulness of cabinetry.


  • Only firmly glued bodies from material with a thickness of 18 mm have the required strength, durability and prevent the unwanted deformation of shelves.
  • The covering of all edges, including the back wall, prevents formaldehydes from being released into the environment.
  • Special locks in the upper cabinets keep shelves firmly in place. Thickness is 18 mm as is the carcass.
  • Hangers have the necessary bearing capacity and enable the convenient hanging of the upper cabinets.
  • The cabinetry is fitted with the highest range of BLUM hinges. TOP BLUMOTION hinges provide ease of movement along with a lifelong guarantee.
  • Adhesive, based on polyurethane, creates a flexible but at the same time durable bond with tight joints, made up from insoluble film. After compressing it has a high resistance against water as well as against the effect of heat: 284-302°F, which is two times more than i



We use Blum Legrabox systems for all cabinets, clients can have their choice between anthracite, white, or stainless steel. These elegant box systems are characterized by slim designs, high load bearing capacity and a particularly high quality of motion. The streamlined design and innovative technology used by Blum has won several international awards.


LEGRABOX anthracite

LEGRABOX stainless steel


AVENTOS Lift Up Systems for quality of motion and freedom of design. These are the ideal solution for high and mid wall units and offer a multitude of design possibilities and enhanced user convenience.


Kasseböhmer pull out systems turns ordinary cabinets into extraordinary kitchens. We offer space-saving style products for clever storage which are naturally easy to use.


We provide a wide range of lights for your kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Our range of products includes spotlights with LED diode, lights for the inner illumination of cabinets, illumination of work tops, luminous shelves, LED diode light for lofts or cabinet bottom, lights for illumination of drawers and decorative lights.